These Are The Top 11 Best Sex Websites


With the abundance of pornographic content and sex websites on the Internet, there are countless amounts of websites you could visit. Not all of them are worth your time, though, and some of them might even damage your computer’s health.

These are the top 11 best sex websites on the Internet for all of your sexual needs.

1. PornHub

You can never go wrong with PornHub! It’s one of the best porn sites ever. With literally millions of videos to choose from in hundreds of categories, you’re always guaranteed to find something worth watching on PornHub.

Satisfy your sexual cravings by visiting PornHub today!

2. PornPics

Photos can be just as sexy as videos, if not more. After all, a photo is worth a thousand words.

On PornPics, you’ll find thousands of high quality HD porn stills for your viewing pleasure. They also have hundreds of categories for you to choose form, such as “creampie,” “blowjob,” and even “cosplay.” Whaeterv you desire, you can find it on PornPics.

Another great thing about them is they have a library of famous porn star stills too! You can see all of the awesome shots and stills form professional porn shoots all for free!

3. FuckPal

FuckPal is the web destination you want to check out if you’re tired of watching porn and want to fuck real girls in your neighborhood.  It uses AI to match local singles looking for quick sex.  So if you’re tired of making the balled one eyed monster cry yourself and want a real girl to ride your dick, you’ll need to check this out.

4. RedTube

Some porn sites look confusing, or cluttered, and just make it hard to navigate through. On RedTube though, you can easily see all the videos they have to offer.

Their stock includes over 1 million videos, so you know there will always be something new to watch every time you visit the site, given that it’s also regularly updated.

You also have the option of signing up for RedTube Premium, where there are no ads, DVDs, and exclusive full-length videos.

5. YouPorn

It’s like YouTube, but better!

At YouPorn, their super-clean interface will allow you to view all their videos in a easy-on-the-eye manner. They have hundreds of categories for you to choose from, as well — they even feature Hentai!


The name itself lets you know they keep things simple — it’s just porn. Good ‘ol jerk off-able porn.

By visitng, you’ll instantly gain access to over 114,000 videos available for viewing.

At the site, you’ll get the pleasure of viewing the newest types of porn, such as VR porn, or stick with the classics — whatever you like!

They’re also responsible for the infamous clown porn site you may have heard of, so you know they’re diverse, and by visiting their site, you’ll find just that — diversity in porn.

7. PornTube

This isn’t just your regular porn site; on PornTube you will also find creativity through porn. Their playlists, for example, are specially curated porn videos that are gathered onto a playlist for you to watch consecutively.

They also have their own porn comedy show, Porn Soup.

8. Spankwire

What’s awesome about Spankwire is that they are a pop-up free porn site, which is very hard to cum (sorry, couldn’t help it) by these days.

Also, they feature a great list of LGBTQ porn on their website for those of you that are interested in that category.

9. XTube

XTube provides a personal experience for every person that visits their site by asking you what gender you identify with, and what gender you’d like to see videos from. They feature porn that is made for both men and women in a variety of categories that may interest you.

10. YouJizz

This porn site states it purpose within their name.

Also, YouJizz partners with BadoinkVR, an industry leader in VR porn, and lists this site as part of their network. So when you sign up for a monthly membership, BadoinkVR will send you a free pair of VR goggles!

How awesome is that?

11. Reddit

For all you amatuer pron lovers out there, don’t disregard Reddit!

There’s a whole subthread porn community on Reddit where users have “Gone Wild” and show off their nude photos and GIFs.

These 9 Sex Games Are Hilariously Bad (#3 is the worst!)

While there are many good online sex games to play, there’s even more bad ones. Some of these games are so ridiculous that it may seem like the only appeal they have to them is showing nude girls — and while that is good, that’s not enough to keep you interested in playing!
Why play a shitty game that only shows nude girls getting fucked when you can sit back, relax, and beat your meat to that in any other porn video? When you’re looking for free sex games, it’s because you want the experience of playing an actual game while also seeing porn.
When you’re looking to play your new favorite sex game, here are nine of them that you should totally avoid at all costs because of how bad they are.

1. Pokemon Go-Go

Believe it or not, a Pokemon parody sex-game exists online.
The creators of this game have taken the poor, innocent creatures from our favorite childhood show into pesty monsters that are distracting people from seeing the Go-Go Girls at the nightclub they’re visiting. Your goal in this game is to blast them away — why would you want to do that to Pikachu?? Plus, you don’t even get to have sex in this game, all you’re doing is managing the stray Pokemon and watching girls dance.

2. Pizza Boy Ultimate

First of all, your character is probably the least desirable person to be placed in their shoes and imitate their persona — a pizza delivery boy.
In this game, you’re delivering pizzas to your clients by any means, and fighting off criminals in the sky.
Yeah, I don’t know either.
Once you deliver your pizzas to your clients, you will get rewarded in tips and sex.

3. Scary Halloween

Every bad sexy horror flick is combined into this one game.
All you are doing is laying as a “hot babe” running around in the cemetery trying to avoid being fucked by Halloween monsters.
I don’t see the appeal in this game if we’re honest.

4. The Roommate Episode 1

Once again, you’re playing as a loser guy except for this time you don’t even have a job — you’re unemployed and are desperate for money.
I thought sex games were meant to escape reality, not relive it?
Anyway, in this game, your friend hooks you up with a way to make money that just so happens to be having sex. I guess if you’ve fantasized about being a Gigolo this could be an exciting game. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time.

5. Doggy Sex

While you do get to pleasure a female in this game through multiple ways, she oddly resembles a…dog?
Unless you’re into bestiality (I hope you aren’t), this game is not only boring but a little weird. I mean, you’re sticking dildos, anal beads, and licking the pussy of pretty much a female dog.

6. Spin the Bottle

Talk about a throwback to middle school, am I right?
Why settle for childish games when you could be watching hardcore porn or at least playing a game that has that?
But in Spin the Bottle, you’re doing exactly what the game you used to play when you were a kid does — spinning a glass bottle and kissing whoever it lands on. So not only is there no hardcore sex in this game, there’s no sex at all!

7. Hot 2048 Billiards

Billiards, as we all know, is a less than exciting game. Attempting to make it worth playing by adding in random nude girls does not make it any better.

8. UFO Sex

In this game, UFO stands for Uncensored Flying Objects — they contain nude photos of hot girls. Your task is to capture as many UFOs or pay for them using bitch-coins. This game also claims to have “fantasy sex like never before,” given you’re in space, but the graphics and control of this game make it very lame.

9. Flying Ass

This is probably the most ridiculous game on this list — a literal flying ass is orbiting the screen, and your job is to shoot at it with your dick. To move onto the next levels by pushing your dick into her pussy, the girl with the ass of terror will begin to take off her clothes.

3 Tools to Build Your Own Website

Nowadays, graphic designers are going extinct in terms of building websites. Entrepreneurs and CEO’s alike have all begun to practice building their own websites because it is easier than ever. And everyone knows a business’s web presence is almost more important than the actual business in today’s digital wonderland world. We looked into the latest tools and applications for jumpstarting your site and picked our 3 favorites.


Headlining at numero uno, WIX is the best option for those looking for their own html. Unlike other tools, this site allows you to have your own server. Most other websites require that you are a tagged onto their homepage meaning that you have to go through a homepage before you get to your own website. This is counteractive because users can easily get confused with which site they are looking for and web traffic might go down.

WIX allows you to start your page completely from scratch. This allows for a little bit of coding, but mostly you just need to be familiar with InDesign and Photoshop.

For others who aren’t big on Photoshop, the website offers templates to choose from. These are actually really fun because they label all kind of different looking websites. The names of these templates read anywhere from ‘bohemian fashion blog’ to ‘tech website.’

Why we advise that you take the extra step and pay for SEO is because it offers live analytics. This means you can see how many people are viewing your website, for how long and even where your user audience is. Knowing how many page views you are receiving is crucial to your success as a business.


As seen on commercials during the SuperBowl, this website is popular among Millennials.

The only thing that brings this down to number two is that it is a bit pricey. Although it does allow for a free trial period and 24/7 phone customer service.

Just like WIX, it allows you to buy your own server instead of having to visit the SquareSpace head page before you enter your website.

But what really makes this tool great is their creative and colorful templates. These are for sure to catch online viewers eyes, guaranteed by the app. It is great for fashion and art websites because of the clear and concise pictures. It is also incredibly easy to use. The templates are simply a space for you to copy and paste your information in and then the website makes the magic happen.


Although WordPress doesn’t gain the creative points that WIX and SquareSpace use, it has a lot to offer for the price. The free version allows you to unlock almost all of the features and then premium is only about $15 per month which is notably cheaper than the other websites.

This site is best fit for media outlets. Newspapers and blogs will thrive off of this website tool because it allows for longer blog posts. It also allows for quick links to other blogs that are on WordPress.

That being said, the downside of this one is that you have to visit the WordPress homepage before going to your site. This may confuse users.

Check out the video below for more info on how to build a website.