Best Sites to Outsource Your Software

Outsourcing sites are often put under the same category as freelancing websites but there are actually many things that you need to know when discussing the best sites to outsource your software development.

Great developers are unlikely today! Just like with any industry. Their productivity is 3 times that of an average developer and 10 times that of a bad developer (Reference: The Mythical man month). It takes years of learning, commitment and experience to become a great developer. This makes them in short supply. They usually don’t have much trouble finding work and they choose freelance platforms which make it easy to earn the going industry rate, have professional clients with reasonable budgets and treat them with respect.

For example, a platform like Freelancer, Upwork or People Per Hour just doesn’t make sense for a top tier developer. The projects are mostly small, the clients are less reputable, the budgets are limited and they will be spending much of their time pitching for work. They are also likely to see a decrease in pay as they are encouraged to undercut their rates to compete with more junior developers.

However, these sites are perfect for junior level developers who are willing to work at lower rates and build experience by sinking their teeth into small bite-sized projects. So, If you have small low level tasks and have the time and experience to screen candidates, a developer from one of these sites could be a great fit for you.

Forbes recently came out with an article that says that outsourcing is the way of the future but also a process.

They recommend that you take many steps in asking where your development will be going. Also, when you’re evaluating your shortlist of outsourcing partners, make sure you evaluate their potential for success – in-person, if possible. Meet with the potential teams or individuals to better understand their strengths. Learn about their processes.

They claim that you must ask these following questions: Are they Agile? Are they focused on DevOps? Are they aware of the latest technologies and standards? Is security a priority? What procedures do they have in place to ensure business continuity? Are there safeguards, if a situation arises, to keep your software development on track? When you gain this insight, you’ll be better prepared to select the right partner that’s focused on quality and the success of your software.

In addition, ask potential partners about QA and testing. Will they use a variety of tests to confirm quality? Ensure they’re proficient in this area by discussing it early on. Common tests to ask about include: regression testing, static testing, dynamic testing, white- and black-box testing and visual testing. The key is to ensure your provider makes QA/testing a priority.

Check out the video below for more info on outsourcing your website!