3 Ways To Secure Social Media Names For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has everything to do with social media platforms and catchy, memorable usernames. The entirety of this process focuses on gaining traffic to a particular product or service by a positive and virtual word of mouth.

Whether you’re posting quality content, pictures or videos on the various sites, it’s important to create a credible and unforgettable name, so people will want to follow you.

Not only are you selling the products but you’re selling yourself by giving reviews and constantly marketing for a company, so you better make sure you’re giving them something to talk about.

1. Change Facebook Page Username:

Once you have created a Facebook page whether it be personal or business, you’re not allowed to modify the username and domain until there are at least 25 likes on the profile. Well considering that it’s hard to gain followers or friends due to being new, going to Fiverr will grant you the likes that you so desperately need for a low price.

Once you have a stable account, where you’re able to have a specific username representing yourself or product, then you’re Facebook profile sharing can begin, once you’re secured.

2. Use The Same Username On Every Profile:

Twitter and Facebook usually go hand in hand when one is trying to promote their product or service on social media. With all of the repetitive posts and blogs being featured, it’s important to stay consistent with the usernames being used for these profiles.

The pattern and consistency seen with a name being connected with a company, giving your audience a more reliable source when seeking for the latest products and services being promoted.

People are going to want to follow social media accounts that are authentic and relatable so make sure you’re posting quality content along with the links, pictures, and videos that go along with it. Enable the Tweet Button so your tweets can be shared and link your blogs to your Facebook so they’re automatically shared once submitted.

Also making sure you’re posting at the right moments and consistent times on the daily, these sites can have an automatic post that can be chosen. This will Make sure this feature is being used so you can keep up with all the social media platforms and give your audience the information that has learned to want.

3. Register Username On All Sites:

Just because you have your set usernames for Facebook and Twitter, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t register that username on all of the social media platforms available. Once you do that, then there will be no chance of someone else taking it from you, confusing your audience if they decide to follow those other accounts.

Securing your URL’s, domain and username is the most important thing you can do when starting affiliate marketing and it starts with registering them all. Lock down your brand to ensure that any new and upcoming sites will already have your domain in the system without the worry of domain theft.

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