ImageX – Easy View 1.0.9

ImageX is a fast and user friendly image viewer that supports all major graphic formats, including BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG. In addition, it features drag-and-drop support, directory viewing, slide shows. With ImageX, you will find browsing your personal photo album very easy, it has an automated slide show viewer which will help you view all the pictures in your album automatically one by one without using any manual keys or mouse buttons.


* View any type of images on your hard disk with the in built navigator.
* Automatic slideshow helps you view the images one by one like a screensaver..
* Play your favourite music when viewing the slideshow.
* Adjust the slideshow timings.
* Choose random images and view them.
* Option to Zoom In and Zoom Out images.


* File Name: ImageX.exe
* File Format: EXE
* File Size: 1.70 MB
* File Type: Application
* License: Freeware
* Supported OS: Windows [All Versions]

Dynamic Menu Creator

Our latest product is Dynamic Menu Creator. With Dynamic Menu Creator you can create professional, high-quality Navigation bars and menus at the click of a few buttons.

Are you running a website that needs unlimited navigation menus? If your answer is “Yes” then you have come to the right place. Dynamic Menu Creator helps you create unlimited online navigation bars and professional menus with their submenus (with 3 sub levels and more..). It also creates subsequent webpages for your menus (supporting html, shtml, php, perl, and many many more extensions) at runtime . Which implies, you dont have to manually create webpages offline and then upload them to your server.


* Price:
$23 (Single Site License)
$55 (Unlimited Site License)
Want us to host and setup the menu for you? Add $12

* Supported OS: Windows, Linux
* Software Requirement: PHP and MYSQL

CIS Games

We bring you a pack of 10 exciting games for all age groups. The games included are:

» 1979 Tank
» Air Adventure
» Alien’s Liar
» Arkanoid
» Duck Hunt
» Ghost Zone
» Little Angel
» Road Star
» Space Origin
» Squash


* File Name:
* File Format: ZIP
* File Size: 8.60 MB
* File Type: Games
* License: Freeware
* Supported OS: Windows [All Versions]