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Cyber Time Manager 1.5

Cyber Time Manger is a software which is used in the cyber cafes. This software is response for keeping a track on how many customer are online and how many are offline. Assign your terminal’s name in the box in the program to identify which terminal is free and which are busy. As soon a a customer is allotted a system, the terminal is shown busy with a red background color on the terminal name. This is a freeware version and supports only 15 computers, to support more then 15 computer please purchase our Professional Version. Please click the more information link below to learn more about this product.


* File Name: cyber-time-manager-setup.exe
* File Format: EXE
* File Size: 1.04 MB
* File Type: Application
* License: Shareware
* Supported OS: Windows [All Versions]

Cafe SPY 2.0

Cafe SPY is one of the most popular software used in the ‘Cyber Cafes’. Cafe SPY is a shareware software that keeps an eye on your computer while you surf the Internet. It allows your customers to just surf the Internet with the accurate duration assigned to it. It is dicided into two parts. The server and the client. The server part is just installed on the owner’s personal computer. The client part is to be installed in the client’s PC. The installation does not take much time to install. As soon as the client is installed, it is ready to run. When the client is runned, it will ask for the client/admin username and password. The first time this is installed, the pass is NULL. please press the Enter key on your keyboard in this case.


* File Name: cafespy.zip
* File Format: ZIP
* File Size: 2.13 MB
* File Type: Application
* License: Demo
* Supported OS: Windows [95, 98, 98se, ME]

Dynamic Menu Creator

Our latest product is Dynamic Menu Creator. With Dynamic Menu Creator you can create professional, high-quality Navigation bars and menus at the click of a few buttons.

Are you running a website that needs unlimited navigation menus? If your answer is “Yes” then you have come to the right place. Dynamic Menu Creator helps you create unlimited online navigation bars and professional menus with their submenus (with 3 sub levels and more..). It also creates subsequent webpages for your menus (supporting html, shtml, php, perl, and many many more extensions) at runtime . Which implies, you dont have to manually create webpages offline and then upload them to your server.


* Price:
$23 (Single Site License)
$55 (Unlimited Site License)
Want us to host and setup the menu for you? Add $12

* Supported OS: Windows, Linux
* Software Requirement: PHP and MYSQL

CIS Wallpaper Manager

Welcome to CIS Wallpaper Manager. There are a lot of nice pictures, screensavers, and desktop themes available on the Internet. If you have ever felt it is too hard to manage them, then try CIS Wallpaper Manager, a powerful wallpaper-management tool.
This software is used to change wallpaper frequently. It occupies less memory and no need for extra resources. It allows you to choose folder from which it selects pictures to display on your desktop. It frequently changes your Desktop.


* User friendly interface. Easy to use.
* Unlimited wallpapers can be stored in the database.
* Changes the desktop wallpaper on each time Windows starts.
* Changes the desktop wallpaper at the assigned time.
* Displays wallpaper statistics.
* Enables wallpaper preview.
* Download more than 1000 wallpapers for free.
* Added 10 scenery wallpapers within the setup.


* File Name: wallpaper-manager-setup.exe
* File Format: EXE
* File Size: 3.83 MB
* File Type: Application
* License: Freeware
* Supported OS: Windows [All Versions]

Smart CD Menu Creator

Create professional auto run (auto-play) CD-ROM menu projects. Create a standardized look for all company CDs with an easy-to-use interface. The user friendly GUI allows you to create auto run CDs with ease, you may save your project so that you can modify it whenever you want to. It comes with a demo project so that you can know how it works.


* User friendly interface.
* Has option to make your menu fully customizable.
* Includes buttons like Install, Read me, License, Help, Browse CD, About Author, Exit.
* Save and open project at anytime for modifications.
* Plays music.
* Displays your company’s logo.
* No Ads, No Nag Screen, No Links to author’s homepage.
* Build Professional CD Menus.
* 100% Free.


* File Name: smart-cd-menu-setup.exe
* File Format: EXE
* File Size: 5.91 MB
* File Type: Application
* License: Freeware
* Supported OS: Windows [All Versions]

CIS Web Server

CIS Webserver

Make your PC a virtual web host. CIS WebServer makes available your website on the web from your computer. Which means you can host your website on your PC rather than looking for those free host or paying your web hosting company.

CIS WebServer is quite user friendly and free. Its user friendly interface does not requires any special type of pre-knowledge required. Read theĀ TUTORIALĀ and you will find very easy to handle it.


  • Easy to install & Configure.
  • Easy tutorial with screenshots which comes within the setup to make you understand better. 
  • Does not require a huge PC configuration to run, a 128 MB Ram, 5 MB free HDD space, and upto 500 MHZ of processor will do. Can also work on Dial-up connection.
  • Inbuilt counter to let you know how many people visited your website and unique users connected to your site. 
  • Built in FTP Server so that your visitors can upload files to your PC.
  • Track IP address of your visitors.
  • Supports video, music, images, flash, java applets etc. 
  • Ban IP Address.
  • Find out Whois…
  • Custom Error Pages/Index Listing.


  • File Name: webserver.exe
  • File Format: EXE
  • File Size: 2.77 MB
  • File Type: Application
  • License: Freeware
  • Supported OS: Windows [All Versions]